>See You in Hell, January

>As a January birthday girl, I have always felt a begrudging sense of loyalty to that sometimes miserable month. But let’s see, what have I accomplished this month?

1.) 4 snowboarding days – OK – that’s pretty good
2.) Biked to work once – was passed going up hill by a recumbent tricyclist
3.) Worked out 4 times – I may be rounding up
4.) Wrote 12 blog posts – lame
5.) Finished 0 books – really lame
6.) Watched many hours of TV
7.) Whined about month long sinus infection

But it’s February! I have been outside every day this month. And aside from the gale force winds that I had to pedal into on my way home from work, I would say things are looking up!

Don’t let Punxsutawney Phil get you down, according to one of Luke’s teachers, “groundhog day is just silly.”


3 thoughts on “>See You in Hell, January

  1. Anonymous

    >We’ve had snow or freezing rain in 50 of the last 56 days. The snow is up to LeBron’s waist, the windchill is arctic and the sun is only a rumor anymore…. Indeed in January, hell froze over…. And now it’s February. Same stuff, different day. My January friend is Johnny Walker.

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