>2 Random Things


1.) If you ever thought, “Wow, MetaMegan really has her act together. How does she do it?” Well, if yesterday’s post did not dispel that myth then I have one more thing to share:
I noticed a pair of pants were missing from my closet a few weeks ago and I finally went to the dry cleaner to pick them up this weekend. They had been dropped off on June 18, 2008.

2.) Luke asked if he could put grapes in his taco today. I said, “As long as it’s nutritious, I don’t care what you put in your taco.” He said, “Well, it’s my taco and you should care what is in it. And I think grapes would be delicious.” And I said, “Go for it.” And he did. And then he said, “Eeeeewwww.” And then he ate the whole thing.

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