>The Best Thing Ever

>I don’t want to get into some sort of silly gender stereotyping, where I imply that men can never find anything, because I only know my own experiences. My own experience, is that Dave and Luke can never find anything. Sometimes they just ask me where something is without even looking. And I’ll say, “It’s on the end table next to the red chair in the basement” or “On the middle shelf of the refrigerator, half way back.” And then sometimes that isn’t enough and I have to actually use my finger and point directly to the lost item.

SO! Imagine my surprise the other day, when Jack and I were in the living room and I said, “Jack. Where are your shoes?” And then I walked to Jack’s room, looked for the shoes, didn’t find them, and then walked back to the living room. And what did I see? I am not even sure the world is ready for this. Ready? Jack was holding up his shoes.

I know. It was the best thing ever.


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  1. The DINKs

    >Sorry to blow your gender stereotyping out of the water, but in our house, it is a complete flip. I can NEVER find anything. Case in point: yesterday I wanted to use the ball chucker with Ginger, but couldn’t find it for the life of me. I asked Mark, and his response was a very helpful “I don’t know….someplace upstairs.” I went into the house and spent 10 minutes looking for the darned chucker. Went back outside and asked Mark for a little more specifity….I got “It’s in the living room, on the floor, to the left of the small chair”. Things just seem to come to that man!

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