>You Know You Are a Mom of a … When …

>You know you are a mom of a infant/toddler in daycare when: You say, “I am just going to wear this sweater again because it already has boogers on it.”

What? It’s my nice, brand new sweater from Ann Taylor Loft* that I got on sale for $7. If I am going to wash boogers off it, I might as well get two days worth.

It’s also the perfect sweater for those 60+ degree January days where you don’t know what to wear. A short sleeve sweater! It says, “It’s January, but I don’t want to get too hot walking to the grocery store” and “I could probably rock a tank top today, but then I would need too much sun screen for my arms.”

* I’d link to the sweater, but I can’t find it online.


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