>And tomorrow is Wednesday. {Redacted long boring section about how I work all the time at night and on weekends and if I don’t get a lot done on a Wednesday I more than make up for it except sometimes people need me to get things done, right then! and I need to do things, right then! regardless of Jack’s mood/temper. End redaction. Seriously, it was longer and more boring before I edited this section out.} Jack will often play for a while with his upstairs toys while I sit at the breakfast bar and work. But downstairs is a totally different story. Downstairs is where we keep the real toys. But I can’t sit at the desk in the office, or else Jack will want to chew through all the computer wires. And I can’t sit on the couch with the laptop on my lap. But if I put the laptop on the landing and stick my arms through the banister, I can work while Jack happily plays. Yeah, so, that is what I do. Last Wednesday, I thought, “This is really crazy. He is so busy playing, why don’t I just sit on the couch?” And two seconds later, I heard the rebel yell and Jack was running across the floor and pushing the laptop out of the way to get into my lap. All this time, I have thought that he just wanted to push buttons on my laptop, but if that were the case, why isn’t he climbing the stairs to get to it when it’s on the banister? I’ll tell you why! Because Jack thinks my lap is his lap. So I headed back to the stocks to continue my work day.

Jack can’t go to the toddler room until there is space and he can survive on one nap a day. And that means I need to survive on one Jack nap a day. And wouldn’t you know it, I need to dial into a meeting tomorrow during morning nap time. Don’t worry, as long as I take the call standing up, and let Jack get whatever he wants out of the lazy susan, and allow him to make prank calls on my cell phone then it should be just fine!

Expect a call from a baby tomorrow.


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