>Some of you readers may be horrified to learn that I am still nursing Jack. The reason is due more to laziness than any other sort of personal choice. I am too lazy to figure out how to wean, and way too lazy to deal with a hungry baby at 5am in some manor that involves more than stumbling into his room and sitting in a chair for 15 minutes. Also, I am sure I read somewhere that babies, on average, have and extra IQ point for every month they nurse past 6 months. OK, maybe I am making that up, but it sounds good, right?

I have also been reading online debates here and there about extended breastfeeding and whether it is “good” and “what everyone else in the world does” and “makes your kids smarter” or if it’s “icky” and “weird” and “not normal.” I often see the comment, “When they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old.” Jack does not do the sign for milk, or please, or more when he wants to nurse. He doesn’t say any of those words either. In the morning, well, we are both pretty sleepy, so he communicates with some whimpers. In the evening, if it has gotten to be past bedtime, he mostly just grabs my neckline and starts growling. So, my opinion on the whole extended breastfeeding (don’t know the actual meaning of the term – it may mean past two years) besides, “why would anyone care what someone else is doing?” is “A polite request would seem like an improvement over the growling.”

In other news, our basement is sort of a mess, and at the moment is not baby proof so we really need to keep an eye on Jack. As he headed for the end table today, Luke grabbed the remotes, Dave got the glass bottle, and I grabbed my nail polish and hid it somewhere. My pocket? Behind my back? Jack was very mad about all this, so I picked him up and started to try to console/distract him. He started growling and tugging on my shirt, so I started to nurse him. He nursed for a while. Then he got up and walked away.

He had the nail polish in his hand.

Maybe those extra IQ points aren’t such a good idea after all.


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  1. The DINKs

    >Megan,If I hadn’t had to start extensive traveling when Junior was just over a year old, I would have kept at it for a lot longer than I did. My feeling is that you will both know when quittin’ time has come!mb

  2. Anonymous

    >Too cute. My sister nursed my niece until she was 2 – and they had to talk about her weaning for the 3 months leading up to her birthday. But she was prepared and was fine – like a switch, the day after her 2nd birthday.

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