>File Under Odd

>There is now a Ruby in the infant room with Jack. I thought that was cute and exciting because there was a Ruby in the infant room with Luke, and they are great friends to this day. When I noticed the name Ruby in the cubby area I said, “Oh! A Ruby! How cute. I wonder if she and Jack will be best friends like Luke and Ruby?” The answer was something like, “Um, she’s a new baby. We just try to keep Jack away from her as much as possible.” Poor Jack, I think he is so close to outgrowing the infant room. Bittersweet, my baby is growing up, stuff for another post, etc.

But here is the odd thing. I noticed that there is a Ruby because she and Jack share a cubby. I guess maybe because she is the youngest and Jack is on his way out? So this is how their cubby is labelled: Jack Ruby. Is that odd? I find that odd. I guess it would be weirder if Lee, Harvey and Oswald shared a cubby though.


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