>Technical Difficulties!

>I was in a(nother) panic this evening when I got into my PJs and sat down in front of the Broncos/Browns game after putting the kids to bed and got ready for day 6 of my posting streak.

Dun dun dun! No internet!

Should I drive around the neighborhood in my pjs trying to borrow wireless? Go to the coffee shop? Give up on posting once a day? So tragic. I called comcast and they had me reboot everything, then stand on one foot, chant an incantation, reboot again, and then he said, “Oh, there’s an outage in your area.” Dave mentioned that he thought I would be more concernd about working tomorrow than blogging. But I figured I would solve that problem by just going in at 5am and working there until the comcast office opened and then exchanging my modem. Sure, sounds totally doable.

I made Dave hand over his fancy new phone and I started trying to write a post from there, but while I was getting a cramp in my finger from the tiny stylus, the internet came back up. Hoorah!

Now I can share this photo of a hotel that was recently trashed by a rockstar you all know and love. And by hotel, I mean crib/bedroom. And by rockstar, I mean baby.

Mobile: Ripped out of mobile holder
Picture One: Nearly knocked off wall
Picture Two: Knocked off wall, slipped out of mat, and stomped on
Pacifiers: Tossed randomly about

Needless to say, Jack’s room has now been undecorated. The pictures are in the closet and the mobile is on the changing table.


2 thoughts on “>Technical Difficulties!

  1. Anonymous

    >I’ve gotta say it. “I couldn’t wait till you had kids of your own.” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHave a nice day. (hee hee)

  2. Anonymous

    >I love it! Wes’ mobile is completely trashed as well. The plastic frame is in Jackson’s room, the teddy bears on it are in Cole’s room, and the remaining frame still attached to the crib is in Wesley’s room.Ellie

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