>Car Cake Take Two

>There are many potential reasons for the spectacular failure of the William Sonoma Vintage Car Cakes that I made for Luke’s birthday. The most likely is that I followed the recipe that came with the cake tin without adjusting for altitude. Other reasons include the fact that I was waiting to hear how my Dad’s quintuple bypass surgery was going, and combining that stress with a big bowl of butter, eggs, and sugar wad just asking karma to teach me a lesson. (Back in those days I couldn’t eat any animal fat without imagining what it was doing to my arteries and it made me feel very nauseous. That doesn’t happen any more.)

This is not what the cakes looked like:

They looked like this:

From Blog pix

Those are the ones that turned out well.

The reason I bring this up now, is that I have been thinking about attempting to make them for Jack’s birthday. So the main question is… do I make a practice set this weekend to see if I can do it right this time? Or do I just attempt to make them next weekend and plan to buy a cake if I have another car cake disaster? Keep in mind that greasing the pan takes about half a day.

I guess we’ll see how this weekend goes!


5 thoughts on “>Car Cake Take Two

  1. Laura M

    >Mike says use fairly viscous melted butter and flour it completely and remove all the excess flour completely. He’s the only one who has successfully used our stupid sandcastle cake pan that looked so cool in the pictures – just like your cars. I hope you made experimental cars this weekend!

  2. Dodder

    >You don’t need a test run. If they turn out like that again just say you decided it would be WAAAY cooler to make a Car Demolition Cake.

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