>Bike to Work Year

>Riding your bike on a nice spring day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Hot, windy, summer days are not the best, but it’s summer. Bike riding is normal in the summer. Fall of course, is really the best because it isn’t hot anymore and by now, you are sort of in shape. Late fall, into winter… that’s when I usually hang it up. And by “hang it up” I mean ask Dave to hang my bike up in the garage so we can park the car in there to keep the snow off of it.

This year, however, I sort of mentioned that I might want to try to keep riding to work. In the cold. And dark. And based on the fenders Dave put on my bike, and the boots I just bought I must have said that I would ride in the rain.

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Well, I won’t have to deal with the dark until Monday, but I did ride to work this week when it was only 34 degrees. (Pats self on back.) It was fine. No problem. I never really got my temperature regulated for the rest of the day, so there are details to be worked out.

Other details:

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I can pick Jack up from daycare, and I can go to the grocery store, but I can’t pick Jack up and then go to the grocery store.


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