>Shake it, Shake it, Shake it Don’t Break It

>If you read yesterday’s post this may sound a tiny bit familiar.

Long story short, I am trying to get Jack to hold off and eat later in the morning. Later than 4 or 5 am that is. So instead of feeding him and quickly getting back to bed, I run in there at every peep and give him the paci or cover him with a blanket to stretch out the time before he is fully awake. And I have also been putting a spare paci on the dresser next to his crib so he can get it himself if his other one falls on the floor. Brilliant, I know.

Also on his dresser: three glass ornaments and a ceramic Pat the Bunny bank.

So after a quick trip in there yesterday morning I thought for sure I had another 10 minutes and I crawled back into bed.

Wah wah. Silence. Ting, Ting.

Ting, ting? Hmm, Jack’s about the 7th baby to use that crib, maybe it is falling apart? Nah, it’s nothing.

Ting, ting, ting.

AAAH! I better investigate.

Ting, ting, ting, oh hi Mommy!

And Jack was in his crib, shaking his Pat the Bunny bank. He had the bunny by the ears, and he was shaking that bank as hard as he could, but he gave it to me when I asked for it. And he waved at the bank as I put it on his dresser. He waved and waved. And then he started to nurse but immediately had to sit up quickly, turn around, and wave at the bank. Over and over. Hi bank! You sound so pretty when I shake you!

So how did he get the bank? Does he have arms that are twice as long as I thought? Or did he climb up on the dresser, grab the bank and then get back in his crib? These were the only two options that I could come up with.

I told the story to Luke over breakfast and he thought it was really funny until I said that I had NO IDEA how Jack could have gotten the bank, and then Luke became contemplative. “Hmm. I wonder… if… maybe… Maisey… and I… didn’tputitbackwhereitgoes?”

It may be time to rearrange Jack’s room. And maybe I’ll just put 7 or 8 pacifiers in his crib and call it a night.


4 thoughts on “>Shake it, Shake it, Shake it Don’t Break It

  1. Anonymous

    >Megan, this should provide you with complete peace of mind: Paige has the Pat the Bunny bank, and it’s proven to be indestructible. Even when hurled onto the hardwood floor. Repeatedly. In the middle of the night.I love Jack!Kristen

  2. Anonymous

    >Again, Jack is replaying Cool Hand Luke. “Shaking it here, Boss.” In case you don’t know the scene, it’s a prelude to an escape attempt. Good Luck, Meggie. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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