>What a Pleasure (Fruita Times Two)

>We camped at Highline Lake State Park this weekend again, and it was fantastic. We have a new favorite campsite, and according to two little old ladies, we are a great group of families who are a pleasure to observe. Children frolicked, bikes were ridden, food eaten, drinks dranken (wait, that doesn’t sound right, but it does sound familiar), what could be better? Well, I guess I could have brought the memory card for my camera, but you can’t have everything.

And the days of the camp host appearing with an unholstered firearm and threats of “keep it down or be kicked out” seem to be over. This camp host just wanted to talk about the thirty feral cats she has adopted from the park. (Found homes for 20, kept 10.) Okaaaaaaay. And she just threw out a, “It’s technically 3.2 alcohol in the park only, so go ahead and put that tequila in your cooler where I can’t see it.” Sigh, I guess we still got a tiny lecture, but only because she was lingering to answer any cat questions that might come up. Who knew what kind of response I’d get from, “wild cats? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

Oh, and Jack slept 5 out of the last 7 nights from 8am to 6am. Saturday in the van, he was awake from 6am to 7:30, when the effort involved in repeatedly poking me in the eye finally tuckered him out, and we both got to sleep for another whopping half hour. Sunday, I learned my lesson and after I fed Jack at 6am I said, “I am leaving to go to the bathroom, please get Jack back to sleep before I get back.” Dave only had to be head-butted twice and poked in the eye less than five times, before he had Jack in a sleeper hold. And we all slept peacefully until 8. Especially Luke who was having a sleep-over with Scarlett in her eurovan.

Good times.