>Picture Day

>Picture Day. Tomorrow is picture day. And I hate to use gender stereotypes, but I can’t help but complain that I have sons, and yet I am not spared the battle over the picture day ensemble. Once, since school started, I put Luke on the bus in a collared shirt. He got off (yes, we still meet the bus at the school) wearing the collar turned under. I also bought him the coolest retro 80s shirt with neon boomboxes on it for $2.49 at Target Boutique. He has refused to wear it. I think you can see where this is going. I want him to wear a collared shirt for picture day, he disagrees. Dave gave him the option of a collared shirt or the boombox shirt. He chose the bookbox shirt.

Also, he started smiling like this:
Let’s just say I don’t regret ordering the cheapest photo package.


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