>Settling Into the School Year

>Sometimes I don’t really feel like a mom, or like my idea of what a mom is. I remember when Luke was able to stand and play with the tupperware in the bottom drawer in the kitchen, that made me feel like a mom. Probably because I have memories of my sister playing in the bottom drawer in the kitchen. Kid playing in drawer while you work in the kitchen = quintessential mom. I hadn’t had that, “weird I don’t feel like a mom” feeling in a while – possibly because I have two children, and five and half years into the whole thing I am used to it. But last week when I was packing lunches (like the third of 3,960 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I will be making over the next 16 or so years) I had this “wow, I really am a mom” feeling.

The next feeling I had was, “wow, that’s a lot of plastic baggies.”

So I took a sandwich sized tupperware to Luke and said, “Can you open this?”

He tried and wasn’t able to. He said, “Sorry Mom, you’ll need to get Daddy to help you.”

So I am investigating alternatives.

Also, Luke was very concerned about the homework situation before the school year started, and I really had no idea what to tell him to expect. So every day he has come home and said, “No homework!” But it’s almost like he’ll be relieved when he gets homework so the whole thing isn’t a mystery anymore. He did come home with a little piece of paper that was a xerox of the type of paper that you use to practice your letters. His name was written on it in dotted lines. He said, “No homework! But look! I have this!” And I said, “Maybe you are supposed to trace over that with a pencil to practice your letters? Maybe that’s your homework.” He said, “I don’t think so. I think that’s optional.”

Oh, one more thing. We were reading a bedtime story of Scooby Soo and the Alien Invaders and Luke was looking at the pictures. There was some graffiti on a wall and that said, “Aliens go home.” He pointed out the “go” and I asked him how he knew what that word was. He said, “We have a calendar at school and it lists everything we do for the day and it says, “Go Home” at the end.” I said, “What else is on it?” He said, “Recess.” And I said, “What else?” And he said, “That’s all I remember.”


8 thoughts on “>Settling Into the School Year

  1. Danielle

    >Kelsey has a “Wonder Bread” container shaped like a sandwich that we use – she’s been using it for awhile and never had trouble opening it (not as tight as Tupperware) – I think I bought it in the bread aisle of the grocery store – it’s been a big hit in our house (and we’ve saved several hundred bags!)

  2. Krista

    >Funny you mention Luke and the kindergarten homework situation…just today in the car after I picked Scarlett up, she said in a serious voice, “Mom, I have to talk to you about something very important.” I’m thinking, “Oh, great, what on earth could this be…bullying, peeing her pants, falling off the monkey bars…?” Right?! So, then she says, “Uuum, we really need to get my float done for school by tomorrow- it’s my homework and I only have a day to do it.” After letting out a silent sigh of relief, I told her that we still had a week to make the ‘teddy bear shoebox float’ and not to worry about it!!! Phew!

  3. Meta Megan

    >Danielle – I’ll look for that wonderbread thing. Krista – let me know how the wrap-n-mats thing works. Melinda – my mom suggested wax paper too! I don’t think Luke has discovered the cafeteria garbage can yet, so I have been re-using the bags a few times so far.

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