>A Break From the Funny

>Luke hates after school care. The reason: He has to sit on the floor and wait for the Y-Care teacher to come get him while every other kid says, “I see my mommy!”, gives the teacher a high five and walks out the door.

It breaks my heart.

I know a second grader who loves after school care, and a first grader who begs his mom to sign him up. I know a family that says their kids love every minute and are sad to be picked up. I am sure this is a phase and that I am more upset than he is, but it’s rough.

I am trying to remember how long it took from Luke to go from missing his mommy at pre-school to wishing I wouldn’t come to get him so early. I’m not going to try too hard to remember though because I am afraid it might have been a couple months.


4 thoughts on “>A Break From the Funny

  1. Danielle

    >I feel your pain – we went through about three weeks of this last year with kelsey. I’d like to tell you that she absolutely loved it after those three weeks, but unfortunately it was more like she tolerated it. It did help once she got to know the other kids there. Hang in there!

  2. Meta Megan

    >I’ll report back in another few weeks, hopefully things will be better! I remember thinking that Luke had settled in well to the pre-school when one of the older girls said to me at pick up, “He cries every day and says he wants his mama.” Then before I knew it I was getting there too early when he was still busy playing.

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