>At Long Last: The Redneck Roadtrip

>It’s a beautiful Saturday, the weather is a perfect 75 degrees, the sun is shining. Jack is napping away his fever, Luke is playing in the basement, and I am working. I have two processes going, and there is no way I can start a third without getting confused and causing problems, so it’s time to blog the Redneck Roadtrip of Late July/Early August.

We started it all off with a trip to the Boulder County Fair for the Demolition Derby. It was about 800 degrees, and we kicked things off be eating our dinner in line to get into the grandstands. Dave and Luke and I unanimously agreed that our dinner consisted of the best corn dogs we had ever had. The. Best. Poor Jack just got milk and baby food. I brought a bottle, because nursing a baby at the county fair just didn’t seem quite right. Sure I would fit in… with the animals. And it was the Boulder County Fair. But it was also the demolition derby.

I took a lot of pictures.

Have you ever been? No? Enjoy – this video is mostly demolition anticipation.

Then we hit the rides – (note to self: next year purchase a wrist band for the rides.)

Or, for just slightly more money, buy a plane ticket, and go to Cedar Point.

Then, we left the fair at about 10pm with a sobbing child and an overstimulated baby and headed home in time to catch a few winks and head to Keystone for The Beer and Bluegrass festival.

We went with our good friends, our oldest Boulder friends, such good friends that we almost never get together because we now live 20 minutes away instead of in the same house.

We drank beer,

listened to bluegrass,

bounced in bounce houses,

swam in the pool,

played putt putt, drank beer,

mountain biked, danced,

and managed to cram it all in before 9pm when we all passed out.

I’d go into more details, but that is all that I remember.


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  1. dave

    >is demo derby and druken beer and bluegrass party not redneck enough for you? I see how you roll (is Mike your cousin?) 🙂

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