>Two Face Vs The Six Million Dollar Man

>*** Alternate Post Title: Does your face hurt? ***
*** Alternate Post Subtitle: It’s killing me! Wacka wacka Wacka ***

So Dave started off as Harvey Dent, progressed to Two Face, and is practically Col. Steve Austin less than a week later. And by that I mean his massive head/face wound seems to be almost healed. The face wound that was only visible if you looked at him from one side. Get it, two-face? And the fast healing part is like the 6 million dollar man. In case this doesn’t make sense, it’s because I am mildly delirious.

I told Dave to call his parents before I posted about his injury, and he did, but he just left a voice mail. A voice mail that probably said, “hey call me.” Not, “we don’t know exactly what happened but Megan found me on my back, passed out, snoring, and bleeding from three parts of the left side if my face. Rob tried to do mouth to mouth, which, based on the snoring was probably unnecessary, but Rob really wanted me to live, and possibly always wanted to kiss me. Megan panicked at first and then pulled it together to get me some ice, wrap me in a blanket and then put more wood on the fire. She also managed the four children in such a way that they view the whole experience as interesting and funny and not something that will scar them for life. We were camping and it was dark and we didn’t seek immediate medical attention for those reasons. I still haven’t been to the doctor because Megan hasn’t scheduled me an appt because I haven’t updated my google calendar so she doesn’t know when I am free. I am almost totally healed now except for the chunk missing from my nose. Call me back when you get a chance, love ya!”

So new information has come to light that indicates maybe Dave was just a little under the weather and that is what caused him to faint. Here is what makes me think that: The green boogers coming out of both my children’s noses, my sinus infection and general yucky feeling, and the fact that we were up all night with a feverish Jack. Luke leaning over the toilet and saying he was going to throw up on the first day of school may or may not support this theory. Anyway, I am a zombie today, but Dave is recovering nicely from his injury!


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  1. Anonymous

    >Glad to hear that Dave is better. Andrea doesn’t like to camp in the cold and rain??? What??? Amazing???I agree with Cindy – as they say in the newspaper business, “if it bleeds, it leads”. Pictures please.

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