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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Round Up


Can you believe it’s been a month of Fridays since I posted anything?  (Possibly more, but who’s counting?)  Where to start, where to start?  Well, I made babka for Grandma and Grandpa when they were here for Christmas, and we took a loaf to a friend’s condo for New Years.


My mom gave me this gorgeous china plate for Christmas, and I made my traditional blueberry scones to match it.  Hmm, I wanted to link to the last time I made these, but I can’t find a Blueberry Scone FBF, is that possible?

I also got this pancake dispenser from my mom (she gets me) for Christmas and let’s just say it’s very fun but also a great opportunity for #nailedit photos.


My attempt at a fun face… #nailedit.


Ok, this has nothing to do with breakfast, but I did make this Smitten Kitchen appetizer for Christmas.


Finally, last Friday, after a Christmas break that went into the middle of January and then a trip to Reno we got back into what seemed like a routine and I made these delicious muffins.  These are the blueberry muffins from the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook, but I used raspberries instead.


Ok, now I’m all caught up… but the breakfast I made today was less than stellar so I may need to double up this week. Back on track! Making Fridays Fancy in 2018.



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Scones

These scones were very buttery.  Other than that, nothing to get excited about.  They are called Honey Nut Scones, but I left the nuts out.  They were fine.  I had to put them on two layers of china to make them look pretty.  Today when I was trying to remember what I made last week it was a struggle*. Instead of talking about boring scones, I’ll share the crazy BEAR story from this week!

I volunteered to hike with the 4th graders on Wednesday. It was a gorgeous day, fortunately, because we left at 9:00 am and got back at 1:30.  On the hike up the hill towards the trail we were walking through a neighborhood instead of on a trail and I said, “You know… there is a trail we could be on.”  One of the teachers said, “The thing about the trail, is that it’s wide open and they can see how far we have walked and how far we have to walk, and they freak out.  If we walk through the neighborhood, they are distracted and they complain less.”  I should never second guess a teacher, they really know what they are doing.

On the way back we paused, and the teachers and the other mom and I had to huddle to hear this news: The school was on lockdown because there was a bear in the neighborhood.  There was a bear between us and the school.  We looked on my phone at a map of where the bear had been spotted and planned a route that went around it.  We asked the school to call us with any updates and we started walking again, this time trying to stay closer together instead of spread out across a 4 block area.  Soon we heard the bear was on the move, but we didn’t know where he was going.  When we crossed Broadway, we saw an animal control officer so I ran after him while the teachers got the kids in as small a group as possible.

The animal control officer was speaking Spanish to some construction workers and I assume he was talking about the bear (or oso) so I waited my turn to talk.

Animal Control Officer:  blah blah blah OSO blah bla?
Construction workers: No we haven’t seen a bear. (Turns out they spoke English. I am going to assume the animal control officer thought they didn’t understand him in English, when really they just couldn’t hear him over the jack hammer.)
Me: Hi! We are trying to get back to school, can you tell us the safest way to get there?
Animal Control Officer: No. I’m not gonna tell you that. Just make sure to make a lot of noise.
Me: (Shocked! I got the impression he didn’t want us to sue him if we got mauled by a bear, but seriously dude, we need to get 50 nine year olds to a school 3 blocks from here, help us out!)  Okaaaaaay.  What I am saying is, we want to avoid the bear. Can you tell me where the bear is, and we can not go that way?
Animal Control Officer: I don’t know where the bear is.
Me: Ok thanks.

Then I ran back to the group. Former Elementary School Mom and Local Hero, Camille, was telling the teachers where the bear had been and where it was going.  It appeared to be going from the school to the mountains while we were coming from the mountains to the school.  The bear was just a block or two North of us.  Fortunately! So we continued to the school, taking the shortest path across the park, just in case.

About 10 yards later someone spotted a praying mantis in a parking lot and tried to pick it up.  A heroic 4th grade teacher dove in front to spare the insect and said, “Let’s help it get back to the bushes over here.” It crawled onto her shoe and then her leg and she inched over to a bush to shoo it off while 4th graders screamed in shock and fear and delight.  I wasn’t too worried about sneaking up on a bear after that because of their nose level. Although if they were screaming about a praying mantis, I can only imagine what it would have been like if we had encountered a bear. Soon after that we were back at school and a very exciting field trip was over.

One note about the field trip – Jack let a friend wear his new fancy sunglasses and baseball hat and she looked adorable, or as Jack said, “She looks even cooler than I do when I wear those.”  I felt like I could see him age ten years while he was talking and it was bittersweet.  It reminded me of being in college and sitting around a table in the cafeteria watching super-hot Eric walk in with a girl who was wearing his baseball cap. We were all silently observing until Brian Burger said, “Ah the baseball cap. The lavaliere of the GDI.”

I was enjoying this memory so much that I didn’t even give my normal lecture about hat sharing and lice.  I am sure I will come to regret that when I am shaving Jack’s head later this year, and telling Dave he can go ahead and buy another bike if he agrees to spend two weeks combing my hair for nits every night for half an hour.  But Jack and his friend were so cute, and I didn’t want to break the spell.

*Wordpress wanted to autocorrect struggle to strugggle. Isn’t that odd?

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Soda Bread Scones


If you are like me, you like to plan ahead.  And so here is a great St. Patrick’s day breakfast, a full 51 weeks ahead of time!  You’re welcome.

When these came out of the oven, I worried because I had ten minutes to spare before the kids got up for breakfast.  Would they be stale before anyone woke up?  But this recipe is from Smitten Kitchen and she American-ized it with an egg and I’m not sure what else, but they lasted long enough to be eaten for breakfast and snack.  So they were delicious enough to be gobbled up, and they didn’t become immediately stale.  High praise for soda bread.  I followed this recipe and I left out the caraway seeds because I’m not a monster.


I served these with a fried (Luke) or a scrambled (Jack) egg.  These may be my new St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.  I will remind you a week in advance next year.  Sláinte!

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Lazy Scones


Last Friday I officially made a Fancy Breakfast Friday without a plan.  I just got up in the morning and made something fancy.  The menu was Bacon, Scones with Jam, and a Watermelon Smoothie.

The scones were easy because they called for melted butter instead of using a pastry tool to cut in cold bits of butter.  When I was reading the recipe I was thinking it was heavier on the fat and lighter on the sugar that then my usual scone recipe from cooking light.  And I was thinking about how extra sugar can be a way to improve flavor in “low fat” recipes, blah blah etc.  I was proud of myself for embracing butter.  But in the end… it wasn’t sweet enough for me.  The boys loved these scones though.  And they were very easy to make… So I will probably keep them in the repertoire.  These are from Mad Hungry, as is the recipe for cooking bacon in the oven, which I love to do.  Of course the recipe is also available online, but if you are a cookbook person, I think this is a good one.  The Mad Hungry Coffee Cake recipe has also made a debut here on FBF.

The Watermelon Smoothie was just a burst of genius I had about how to make the breakfast more filling, colorful, full of lycopene, and also… to make room in the fridge by using up the watermelon.  I have mixed feelings about smoothies. On the one hand, they seem to be a way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into breakfast.  On the other hand, why not just chew your food?  Regardless, these were very delicious and refreshing.  I made them to order as the boys woke up.  Dave declined a smoothie.

Watermelon Smoothie

1 cup of chopped watermelon
2 frozen strawberries
2 mint leaves.
Add everything to the blender and mix until smooth.

Do you see the big fat novel in the background?  There should be a book club post coming Monday.

*Links to books are affiliate links.

Fancy Breakfast Friday:  Thanksgiving Cranberry Scones

I don’t know if all grocery stores do this, but at our grocery store the cranberries are “buy one get one free” during the holidays.  And I don’t think it’s one of those situations where you can say, can I have one for half off?  King Soopers would say, “No, we sell these once a year and we are getting rid of them all, now take them and go.”  Side note – I could start a weekly column about what terrible or annoying thing happened to me at the grocery store last week.  I could have guest columnist talk about how they had 4 employees searching for the wasabi powder and when it was finally found she got it for free due to the hassle.  Or how the deli guy didn’t seal my bag of pepperoni, so when I grabbed it, pepperoni was flung to all regions of the deli and cheese section, and even a little into produce.  Actually, something happened last week that was so funny/horrifying that I was thinking of starting a regular Monday blog post about the embarrassing thing that I did last week.  I can think of three things off the top of my head.  And they didn’t all happen at the grocery store.  One was at Target.

But I digress.  For the second year in a row, I thought, “I’ll just make some pastry with the other bag of cranberries.” And for the second year in a row I found that the recipe calls for craisins.  This year I was like, “NBD, I don’t have a job.  I can make my own craisins!?”   I found a recipe that seemed pretty simple, but when I got to the part where you leave the cranberries in the oven for 8 hours at 135 I thought, “Nah.  This sounds like one of those stupid things I would do and then blog about later.”

So why did I buy cranberries anyway? We have been making Cranberry Orange Relish on Thanksgiving ever since Grandmom introduced us to in in 2007 or so. (Click here for the recipe)  It’s very good, and bright, and delicious.  A tablespoon on your plate with the rest of Thanksgiving is completes the meal. But even with 18 people eating a tablespoon each, you have some leftover, not to mention that entire second bag.  (Guess who’s having cranberry relish for Christmas dinner!)  Long story short, I decided to invent a recipe to use up the leftovers.  I combined a bunch of scone recipes and I need to revisit and refine, but basically I made the dough, split it in two and put a layer of crabberry relish in the middle.  I was a little stingy because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but next time I would  use more.  The scones were very pretty and delish.