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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Buttermilk Biscuits


Last Thursday, Dave and I went to see Rose Hill Drive at the Fox, and instead of just picking up donuts for Fancy Breakfast Friday, I got up early and made biscuits.  It was quite the feat.  I told someone at baseball last weekend that the concert was, “Really good, but kind of loud.  And I think I had a lack of sleep hangover from staying up past midnight.  It certainly couldn’t have been from two Bud Lights, right?  But the show didn’t start until after my phone told me it was time to start getting ready for bed.”  The person I was talking to said, “Literally every word you just said makes you sound really old.”   But hey, Thursday night rock concert, following by Friday Biscuit Day, who’s #cool now?

I have made these biscuits before, but I skipped the baked egg this time.  I just halved the recipe and went for the basic biscuit.  These are good, and they are halfway to becoming my “go-to biscuit”.

After breakfast I retired to bed to nurse my lack of sleep hangover and read my book.


I had a little trouble getting into this one, and on page 99 I thought to myself.  FINALLY.  From then on, I was hooked. It was so great and scarily timely.  There were so many characters that I thought there was no way that all the story lines would wrap up, but they did.  This was a fun read, and I obviously own the book, so hit me up if you want to borrow it.

Lucy even got to get in on the photo shoot since her Wonder Woman collar matched my color scheme.  She didn’t cooperate exactly, but what can you do.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Big Buttermilk Biscuits


This recipe is from Oprah magazine and I found the baked egg aspect intriguing.  This was supposed to make 12 huge biscuits, so I decided to follow my brilliant plan from the bagels last week and half the recipe and then stretch it to 8.  My old theory use to be, “As long as I am baking or cooking I might as well make 1000 of everything.”  That explains why I would only make cookies once a year.  Once, right after I had given away all my cookies someone asked me to make 2 dozen cookies for the teachers.  I begrudgingly did it and I learned a valuable lesson.  It’s a lot easier and less time consuming to make a smaller amount of something.  Especially something that may not be the healthiest thing in the world to have around the house.  Long story short (too late) I halved the recipe.

This recipe calls for a 3″ biscuit cutter, which I do not have because until this point in my life I have exclusively made drop biscuits.  I used a large jar.  And guess what? I ended up with 12 biscuits.  The only thing I can figure out is that I rolled the dough to half the thickness I needed.  Otherwise the math doesn’t work out.

I only made 4 biscuits with an egg in them because I thought they would be gross as leftovers.  And to be honest, I wasn’t sure how they’d be fresh out of the oven either.  The non-egg biscuits came out looking golden and gorgeous.  I left the eggs in a little longer because they hadn’t really turned golden and the eggs looked very runny.  Finally I tapped one of them to see just how runny they still were and my finger bounced right off.  They felt like rubber.  The boys found the egg inside the biscuit to be quite fascinating, and fun.  They tasted good, the biscuit was very buttery and the egg had a kind of hard boiled quality to it.

Everybody got a biscuit with an egg baked in, some bacon, and half a burnt grapefruit.  For the grapefruit, I put some sugar on top and caramelized the sugar with my creme brûlée torch.  Fancy, I know. (This idea came from Centro, which used to have my favorite breakfast in town before they changed chefs.)

This was a fun breakfast.  I would make it again if it was requested.

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Buttermilk Biscuits


Last week I went down the rabbit hole on Smitten Kitchen.  I started off looking for a recipe for spaghetti bolognese, which I have never had but feel a weird desire to eventually, one day make.  One recipe led to another, and then another, and before I knew it I was reading the My Favorite Buttermilk Biscuit recipe, adapted from Bon Appetite, which had gotten the recipe from Dot’s Diner.  Dot’s Diner happens to be our current favorite Boulder breakfast place so I knew I had a winner.  I always order the breakfast biscuit sandwich, which comes with a scrambled egg, cheese, and avocado on a biscuit.  I want it to come with a slice of onion too, for crunch, but it doesn’t.  Seems like I would have made that for myself at home since I was making the biscuits anyway, but I didn’t.  I just made the biscuits and served them with bacon and eggs because I am lazy.  Laziness, and a lack of a biscuit cutter also explain why I did drop biscuits.

These were good.  I will make them my go-to recipe for sure.