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>The Day After

>Jack seems to be on the verge of talking. We got a Christmas card that had dogs in the picture and when Jack saw it he said, “Da! Oof!” (Dog, woof.) And he seems to be saying “ca” a lot for car. But probably the most exciting thing, because it’s a very important little boy milestone, is that he can now make a siren sound. And better than that, it’s captured on video. Enjoy.


>Is There Anything Cuter Than a Baby Dressed as Santa, Sitting on a Box of Diapers and Playing the Blues?

Pretty cute.

And as an added bonus, I finally captured some steps on film. It took so long, that he is almost too coordinated here. I still hope to capture that new to walking stagger, but I’d better be quick!

Note: Remote controls are very important tools for reaching new milestones.

>529 Plan

>Sadly, although it was caught on video, the video was not saved. So only Dave and Grandad and 20 cheering spectators witnessed Luke’s stunts in the terrain park at Copper today.

I’ve been filing all the investment statements, including the college funds, without even looking lately. But I just decided not to worry because maybe Luke will go to college on a skiing scholarship!

>Um, yeah. So Jack is walking. A little.

>I had big plans to have a splashy, exciting title, and a video to match to announce the precious baby steps. But Jack and his walking can be very elusive. I have yet to capture one tiny little wobble. Two weeks ago Dave said, “Jack took a bunch of steps. He was holding on, but only to the hair on my legs.” And since then, Jack has progressed from a half step to a step. Then two steps. At his birthday party, Jack tried to go from the chair to the ottoman with a quick break wrapped around my legs, but I stepped out of the way and he probably took four steps to show off for his guests.

At our house he seems to have the whole crawling thing down, but if I had taken my camera out with me on Saturday night, I would have videoed steps galore, because I think Jack felt the need to work on running in order to keep up with Luke, Scarlett and Stella.

>Soccer Mom


From Soccer

Luke started soccer on Saturday and I have to say, we make great soccer parents. (Pause to pat self on back.) By the end of the game Dave knew all the kid’s names and I had signed up to bring snacks. In an homage to Peggy Hill, I even wore a cashmere sweater. (Linking to synopsis that leaves off the important part about Peggy not fitting in at soccer games in her flannel shirts and needing to borrow a cashmere twin set.)

Oh, yeah, and Luke had a great time! He couldn’t sleep the night before because he was so excited so I told him to count to a hundred as many times as it took to fall asleep. I maybe should have suggested that he not do it out loud because we were watching Persepolis and it was very distracting. (He did it 3 times before he yelled out that it wasn’t working. I suggested he count backwards from 100 to 0 and I didn’t hear another peep.)

The league is great because they have a 25 minute practice and then a 25 minute game on Saturdays, no practice during the week, there are no goalies and they don’t keep score. Or I should say, the don’t officially keep score. Luke and I are really into counting (see above) so we’d call the game something along the lines of 10 to nothing. With Luke scoring 4 of the goals.

Here he is about to score the first one:

From Soccer

So it was really fun, and I have now experienced the trifecta of things that make you feel like a mom: baby playing with tupperware, packing school lunches, and cheering at your child’s sporting event.

Jack had fun too:

From Soccer

>CU Wins, OU Beats the Spread


From Soccer

Saturday was a big football weekend for our little family! OU beat the spread against OSU, which was cool. Jack started off the day in OU colors, but got hair all over his clothes and had to change. And if you need to change your shirt on game day, you might as go with the black and gold. Especially for your first football game. (Well, your first football game on the outside, that is. We saw a game at this time last year and I almost died of heat exhaustion and practically had to lay down on the sidewalk a block from my house and beg Dave to get the car because the contractions wouldn’t stop and I felt faint.)

This year the weather was great and we all had a good time. Well, I think the boys were ready to leave after the third quarter, but CU was coming from behind to win so we forced them to tough it out until the end. And tough it out they did.

From Soccer

You know, I never managed to pay the zero dollar entry fee to see my alma mater play in the 3.33 years that I was in college, but if I had, I would have known that college kids like to drink a lot before football games, and that they are sometimes obnoxious about it. Of course, I did sort of know that since I skipped the football games and just did the drinking anyway during my college years. Also, when we lived close to downtown and the CU campus and people would park in front of our house and tailgate, and then bring their passed out friends back to the car at half time, and lay them down on our tree lawn to sleep it off, and Bean would aim for the no parking sign, but accidentally pee on them, that was another sign that people like to drink a lot before college football games. Also, they like to use obscenities. And that’s fine. If Luke were to notice, and ask, I would explain that some people lack the imagination, intelligence and creativity to use more appropriate language. But I find it quite odd when we are walking to our seats passed some grannies who are shouting “rough em up” but instead of “rough” they are saying something else entirely. So in that case, if Jack accidentally kicks them in the head when we walk by, I just pretend I didn’t notice instead of apologizing.

From Soccer

>Then and Now

>We had a big weekend of milestones and one of the biggest was Jack’s first haircut! It’s always so bittersweet when a baby gets their first haircut. With just a few snips, wisps of baby’s sweet downy hair become the bangs of a little boy. As the hair gets taped into the baby book, you realize how fast those nine and half months have flown and you realize they will be in kindergarten before you know it. (Or maybe you realize that you haven’t really started the baby book and it’s impossible to tape baby hairs to a blog.) It’s nice that his hair is out of his eyes, but so sad that my snuggly baby is growing up so fast. Or maybe the sadness, the melancholy, is just summer turning into fall, the days shortening, the steady march of time towards the long, dark, night of winter. Or maybe the problem is that his haircut is quite terrible. And really, it’s hard to be seriously sad when I find myself laughing about it a lot. In a laughing at you sort of way. Poor kid. He slept through the haircut, which the barber though would make things easier… I’m not so sure.

Luke before his first haircut:

Luke After His First Haircut:

Jack Before his First Haircut (also note how much he is eating! That was just his first helping):
Jack During:
All the boys getting their hairs cut:

Jack After and Foreshadowing about Tomorrow’s Post:

>My Son, My Son, The Younger One

>Poor Jack, in all this excitement and stress about kindergarten, there has been nary a post about Jack and his many accomplishments.

He now eats crackers:

That’s really such a short lived milestone because after one, you realize how disgusting they are.

He pulls up to standing, and as you can see, has three teeth on top:

He looks cute is his fall wardrobe:

But he hates last year’s winter wardrobe because he’s like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, combined with a turtle on it’s back:

And the biggest news is this: He said Dada. Dave was playing peekaboo with him through the car window while we waited for our carry out pizza at the start of our camping trip (we camp in style) and when Dave disappeared Jack said, “Dada!” and looked for him out the window.

And at dinner tonight he made something that vaguely resembled the sign for “more”. He hasn’t been too keen on learning the signs because he has found that screaming at the top of his lungs is an easier and very effective way to get more food.

>First Day

I had everything perfectly organized. But I should have known it would all go horribly awry when Jack woke up (again) at 5:30. He was supposed to wake up at 6:30: after I had done my knee exercises, but in time to be changed, fed, and dressed before Luke got up. So I made Dave go in and get Jack to sleep again, which he did. (Now if only that would occur to me at 1:30 am.)

The next problem was that Dave set Luke’s alarm to radio instead of beeps. Then Luke bumped his knee, then he became aware that he had a cough. All things that would be cause for angst on a normal day, but today culminated with him pulling up a chair to the toilet and preparing to barf. Poor boy, the thought of school didn’t give me stomachaches until at least 3rd grade.

He didn’t want to eat the pancakes that I made, but he managed to choke one down. Then I remembered about the wee one. Jack! By now it was 7:15 or so and I still needed to get Jack fed, and dressed in his coordinated madras plaid shorts that I had ironed in anticipation of the front porch picture. So I woke Jack up, fed him, took off his pajamas and realized we were within minutes of inaugural arrival of the school bus. Cancel the group shot, hand the baby over to Dad. Run out the door with the shoes and wait on the porch with the camera for Luke to cross the threshold. Snap photo of frowning boy, only to notice later that Dad was in the background, shirtless, in bike shorts. Plan to put photo in baby book anyway.

I was literally dragging Luke down the driveway until it occurred to me to offer a piggy back. We piggy backed down the driveway and turned towards the bus stop where Luke saw all the kids and slid off my back and started walking. We got to the bus stop at 7:29, the exact time the bus was supposed to arrive. I confessed to the parents there that I planned to bike to school to meet Luke when he got off the bus and the other parents said they planned to do the same, or already had a spouse on the way. We waited. And waited. Finally the bus arrived at 7:45. Great, what if we were the last stop? Hopped on bikes and pedaled away hoping to beat the bus, which we did, easily.

From there it was no big deal. Luke got off the bus and got a bracelet that marked him as a bus rider so the teachers would know where to send him at the end of the day, and we walked to the playground. Luke was pretty stoic and he just stood next to me, not letting me take his picture until it was time to go in.

We said our good byes and he walked in the door.

Another mom hugged me and asked how I was doing and I teared up a little, but pulled it together.

After school he was all smiles and full of “You know what? Guess what!” which was good because I quickly wasted two of my five questions:

“How was it?” “Good.”
“Did you eat your lunch?” “Yes.”

Information gleaned:

* We went on a search for the gingerbread man! And we went in the office, to the gym, the music room, the library, and back to our room! And I think the search for the gingerbread man was just a way to give us a tour of the school.
* We went to see Coach L. He’s the teacher of maybe P.T.? Yeah, P.E.
* I had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t say anything, but then the teacher said, “Bathroom time!” And the same thing happened right when I felt thirsty! It was time for a drink of water!
* Everyone colored on the gingerbread man, but I didn’t color anything I just wrote my name.
* Mikey took the rocket I was playing with, and then I started playing with his, and I put a guy in it, but then Mikey took that one back. I guess he wanted a rocket that had a guy in it.
* There is a girl named Clara in my class.
* I had lunch with Kobie and Kaj and I played with Elsa on the playground a little.
* The kids that didn’t bring their lunch had pizza!
* We had nap time, and I took a green mat, but when I laid down on it it was so tiny! Only my body and arms fit. And we didn’t nap, it was just quiet time
* The teacher has a disco ball, but it doesn’t hang from the ceiling, it sits on the floor and that’s the light we use during quiet time
* I rode on the bus!
* When I say “guess what” you always say “what” but you are supposed to guess!

We retook the first day of school picture at the end of the day, and that worked out well.

So we survived, but considering the amount of effort that went into that one day, I’m not quite sure how we’ll pull it off on a daily basis. I supposed I can skip the pancakes, and the photo ops.