>CU Wins, OU Beats the Spread


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Saturday was a big football weekend for our little family! OU beat the spread against OSU, which was cool. Jack started off the day in OU colors, but got hair all over his clothes and had to change. And if you need to change your shirt on game day, you might as go with the black and gold. Especially for your first football game. (Well, your first football game on the outside, that is. We saw a game at this time last year and I almost died of heat exhaustion and practically had to lay down on the sidewalk a block from my house and beg Dave to get the car because the contractions wouldn’t stop and I felt faint.)

This year the weather was great and we all had a good time. Well, I think the boys were ready to leave after the third quarter, but CU was coming from behind to win so we forced them to tough it out until the end. And tough it out they did.

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You know, I never managed to pay the zero dollar entry fee to see my alma mater play in the 3.33 years that I was in college, but if I had, I would have known that college kids like to drink a lot before football games, and that they are sometimes obnoxious about it. Of course, I did sort of know that since I skipped the football games and just did the drinking anyway during my college years. Also, when we lived close to downtown and the CU campus and people would park in front of our house and tailgate, and then bring their passed out friends back to the car at half time, and lay them down on our tree lawn to sleep it off, and Bean would aim for the no parking sign, but accidentally pee on them, that was another sign that people like to drink a lot before college football games. Also, they like to use obscenities. And that’s fine. If Luke were to notice, and ask, I would explain that some people lack the imagination, intelligence and creativity to use more appropriate language. But I find it quite odd when we are walking to our seats passed some grannies who are shouting “rough em up” but instead of “rough” they are saying something else entirely. So in that case, if Jack accidentally kicks them in the head when we walk by, I just pretend I didn’t notice instead of apologizing.

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    >wasn’t there some story about somebody you know using inappropriate language on a RTD bus and having the father of an impressionable youth cuss them out?

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