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Luke started soccer on Saturday and I have to say, we make great soccer parents. (Pause to pat self on back.) By the end of the game Dave knew all the kid’s names and I had signed up to bring snacks. In an homage to Peggy Hill, I even wore a cashmere sweater. (Linking to synopsis that leaves off the important part about Peggy not fitting in at soccer games in her flannel shirts and needing to borrow a cashmere twin set.)

Oh, yeah, and Luke had a great time! He couldn’t sleep the night before because he was so excited so I told him to count to a hundred as many times as it took to fall asleep. I maybe should have suggested that he not do it out loud because we were watching Persepolis and it was very distracting. (He did it 3 times before he yelled out that it wasn’t working. I suggested he count backwards from 100 to 0 and I didn’t hear another peep.)

The league is great because they have a 25 minute practice and then a 25 minute game on Saturdays, no practice during the week, there are no goalies and they don’t keep score. Or I should say, the don’t officially keep score. Luke and I are really into counting (see above) so we’d call the game something along the lines of 10 to nothing. With Luke scoring 4 of the goals.

Here he is about to score the first one:

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So it was really fun, and I have now experienced the trifecta of things that make you feel like a mom: baby playing with tupperware, packing school lunches, and cheering at your child’s sporting event.

Jack had fun too:

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  1. Anonymous

    >That’s really great! We were the complete opposite. Everyone had lawn chairs, snacks, and drinks for their kids at soccer. Keith and I showed up with nothing; not even a bottle of water for Jackson so when they had “water break”, we had nothing to offer Jackson while all the other kids were slurping away at their water on a hot, sunny day. Ah well, the burden of being the first born. We’ll do better when it comes to Cole and Wes’ turn.Ellie

  2. JCH

    >In addition to the trifecta of being an old married mother : “I would have known that college kids like to drink a lot before football games, and that they are sometimes obnoxious about it.” I also bet they wear ugly clothes wherein the designer should be paying them to advertise their logos…Luke looks like he really had fun, that is awesome.

  3. Meta Megan

    >I don’t think I said, “old” but thanks for pointing that out! And the fascinating fashion trend that I noticed was taking an XL CU shirt, ripping out the neck, tying the sleeves behind your back and wearing it as a strapless dress. “I don’t know why such pretty girls would wear something so ugly.” as gramdma would say.Ellie: I forgot to mention that we brought chairs, a blanket, coffees for Dave and I, and nothing to drink for Luke. Oops! Next time.

  4. Bill and Cindy

    >I’m a soccer mom too for the first time. First practice, I did not bring a chair or any water for Curtis and it was a very hot day. I felt stupid. Well, good thing my best friend Tracy and her daughter Maddi, who happens to be Curtis’ best friend, were there and they let him drink some of her water. After that, I knew to bring chairs and water. First game was last Saturday and I was in charge of drinks after the game. The kids loved me!

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