Fancy Breakfast Friday: Oatmeal Soufflé

DSC06507This recipe is from Food and Wine and you can find it here.  It’s funny that I would choose to make a “healthy version of a soufflé when I have never made a soufflé before.  I read that you could do the first two steps and refrigerate overnight, which I love.  But I thought I could skip cooking the oats and just let them soak.  In the morning I still had a bowl of oats and milk, nothing even approaching porridge so I didn’t save myself any time.  Fortunately, there wasn’t a huge rush because Luke had the day off and we let Jack play hooky.  #parenting.

The recipe seemed pretty straight forward, make porridge, whip eggs, etc. Cook for 3o minutes or until puffed and golden.  What it did not address was appropriate level of jiggle.  After 30 minutes, I had a very jiggly soufflé.  I put it back in for 5 minutes.  Same level of jiggle.  Another 5 minutes while I read about how to tell when you soufflé is done.  One source said that Americans like a dry soufflé while Europeans like a moist soufflé.  I’d buy that, because I wasn’t thrilled with the looks of a jiggly soufflé.  After another 5 minutes I woke Dave up to give him some instructions.  “I need to leave in 10 minutes for a mammogram.  There’s a soufflé in the oven, I need you to take it out when it’s done.  Good luck.”

He wasn’t thrilled with this, and fortunately the soufflé finally solidified a little and I took it out.  I photographed it and went to my appointment.  I didn’t witness anyone eating it, but they all said it was really good, tasted like fluffy oatmeal, or maybe even bread pudding.  I ate half of what was left and loved it.  I ate the rest the next day.  It was really good.  But you know what is also delicious? Oatmeal.  And I can make that less than 5  minutes.  So this was an interesting experiment, but I’m not sure I’ll make it again.

And now one of my favorite movie scenes, which was quoted extensively during the making and eating of this oatmeal soufflé.




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  1. Laura

    That was all awesome. Can you imagine I have never seen that movie? Is there room here for a mammogram/soufflé joke?

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