Fancy Breakfast Friday

I clearly need to work on my food photography because this is not pretty.  Part of the problem could be the black counters combined with my total lack of photography skill mixed with the fact that I maybe used a smidge too much cornstarch with the peaches.  But as they say, presentation is everything and I am not selling this one very well.

FANCY BREAKFAST FRIDAY!! This was a peach crisp that I whipped up when I realized it was Thursday and that I had no plan.  I’m on a kick to clean out the freezer, so this are local organic peaches… but from when?  (Christmas request – a label maker.)  Luckliy I had these peaches in the freezer, I assume it was a bag of 6 frozen peaches in a little sugar water, because I always freeze my peaches in groups of 6 as called for in my delcious peach cobbler recipe. Instead of the cobbler topping this time, I went with the recipe from the Homestar cookbook to make it more breakfasty.  I think I could probably share that recipe if I had it in front of me, but I don’t.  It’s very healthy.  So I took the part that called for honey and substituted brown sugar, and where it said olive oil, I used butter.  I served this warm from the oven with a vanilla yogurt topping.  I think it was a hit, but no one ever asked for more the next day.  I’m not sure if this is “out of sight out of mind” like with the beet cake or if this was “thanks but no thanks” like with the beet cake.