Fancy Breakfast Friday

 Wow! This week went by so fast and I am not sure what I have to show for it!  But I did go all out for #FBF last week – at Jack’s request we had breakfast burritos.  I made bacon and fried some potatoes (cheated with the store bought and I’m not sure it was a time saver). I also had red and green peppers, pickled onions, and refried beans, and scrambled eggs.  I got the tortillas at Costco that are uncooked and you cook them as you need them.  They are so so delicious and I have been eating a lot of quesadillas for lunch lately.

Once the boys were up they told me what they wanted in their burrito and I cooked their tortilla and assembled it to order.  So good.

Then Monday we had a little “last breakfast” for Luke because he got a new orthodontia thingy that makes it hard to eat.  I mixed everything (eggs, sausage this time, cheese, red and green peppers, and potatoes) together and pre made the burritos so they were ready when the boys got up – Monday’s are not leasurely.  Consequently Jack didn’t want his, which was fine with Dave and I because we both secretly planned to eat it later.  I tried to make Luke eat two burritos Monday before he had to subsist on smoothies, applesauce and pudding.  He only managed 1.5, but I had him finish the other half on the way into his appointment.