Fancy Breakfast Friday

Last weeks FBF was a bit rushed because I had to hurry the kids out the door to school, drop off the dog, and head to the airport for a getaway weekend with the hubby.  We went to a dear friend’s wedding party in NYC.  We’ve never left the kids or been to NYC so I was a little stressed.  I prepared by doing nothing and planning to wing it.  It worked out!

Fancy Breakfast Friday consisted of yogurt parfaits – blueberry/yogurt/homemade granola repeat with bananas then strawberries.  I am working on perfecting my granola recipe so I will share that at a later date.  It’s weird to me that the markup on store bought granola is 700,000% so I should do a cost analysis along with my recipe to see if I am missing something.   Our favorite yogurt is brown cow vanilla cream top.


3 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday

    1. metamegan Post author

      Agreed. After a kid spent the night and I mentioned to his mom that he had terrible gas, she said, “Maybe too much homemade yogurt.” I’ve never had the desire to make yogurt after that.”

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