Fancy Breakfast Friday

We are starting a new little thing around here called “Fancy Breakfast Friday”  There is a little song that I like to sing when I think about Fancy Breakfast Friday and it goes like this:

Fancy Breakfast FRIDAY!
Fancy Breakfast FRIDAY

Luke said we needed a Fancy Breakfast Friday playlist, so I’m not sure how well the song is working for everyone.

We had waffles and strawberries last week, from a fave cookbook – The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham.  I made the raised waffle – it contains yeast, and you mix most of it the night before and leave on the counter to rise.  Just add eggs and baking sode in the morning. I even subbed in some whole wheat flour and no one noticed.  SO good.

I wanted to see if this new tradition would “take” before I blogged about it.  So we’ll be a week behind here.  But I have big plans for FBF.