My Poor Deprived Children

The boys learned last week that one of their friends has an assigned night for cooking the family meal.  This piece of information was met with the wailing and gnashing of teeth and “whyyyy don’t you ever let us cook?”

I meanly cook dinner every night and never let them do it, like the evil mom that I am.  Dave helps.   I don’t know how to cook meat really, so Dave helps a lot.

But this week we have have been trying out some kid-cooked meals.  Last night Jack made homemade mac and cheese, a recipe adapted slightly from a Cook Smarts meal plan.  We had it with leftover grilled pork tenderloin and a salad.  So good.  It was a little complicated and I had to help a lot, but Jack did a pretty good job.  He said he was going to make buttered noodles for his meal so this was a step up.  And now he can make a roux.   (Not really.)  Luke made miso soup this evening, which we paired with grilled pork chops and cucumbers in an asian style dressing.  He thought his contribution was too easy, but he did it by himself while I was rollerblading up and down the street.  (A story for another day.)

So things are going well now that I am not selfishly hoarding all the cooking to myself.


2 thoughts on “My Poor Deprived Children

  1. Laura

    That was hilarious! Now if only you could employ a little Tom Sawyer magic and make scrubbing the pots look as fun. Mine probably don’t want to cook because I approach it like a drudge.

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