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lucybookI recently had an idea for a book club where I invite a bunch of people over to eat a fancy cake that I make, and then everyone just shares what they are reading and if they recommend it or not.  I put a lot of thought into this and went so far as to subtly invite one person who said, “maybe.”    So that idea is still in the works.  I’m not sure who else to invite and it’s too hot to bake a cake right now.

I used to be in a book club, and I’m not sure what happened to it.  Either it slowly fell apart, or I stopped being invited, or I quit or had a baby or something.  I guess all book clubs memberships were set in stone in 1996 when Oprah invented book clubs though, because I’ve been on my own ever since.

So for now this is my new book club, I’ll just share what I read in the last week and/or what I am currently reading. Feel free to join me!

Read Last Week

God Help The Child by Toni Morrison: I liked it.  Let’s be honest, I am going to read Toni Morrison when she has a new book out, no questions asked.  I heard this wasn’t that good, but I have no complaints.  It was a quick read.  There was one part that seemed to get a little supernatural but it was also clearly a metaphor and it started to bug, but then I decided just to let it go and see what happened.

Dietland by Sarah Walker: This was on “eh” for me.  I liked how weird it was, and I loved the feminism, and I loved to body acceptance message  but it got to be too violent for me.  There was one part in particular that I had a big problem with and it skewed the message for me.

Currently Reading

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin: So good.  I am having a problem putting the Game of Thrones books (and books in general) down and having a life.  Restarting my blog is a way to force myself to do something other than read.  First blog post: The books I am reading!  Its the last full week of summer break and I need to seize every minute for fun with the kids before school starts!  And I need to finish this 700+ page book.  It’s so good.

What are you reading this week?



13 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Linda Milker

    I am reading A Great Deliverance by Eluzabeth George for my Mystery Book Club. I love it! It is her first book but she is such an exceptional writer I need to read more! This is a traditional mystery which takes place in Yorshire England. The character development and her ability to describe people’s little quirks is just fascinating. I will cone to your book club anytime Megan – do not need caje😊

  2. Laura

    I am SOGLAD the blog is back.
    I am reading ‘The Interestings’ this week. I give everything I don’t hate a 4, so I am giving it a 4. I think the character development is pretty good and some of the characters/situations are so entirely relatable and there are some ‘laugh out loud’ moments. Then there are some moments that contradict, and I think ‘Does no one edit anymore’?

    1. metamegan Post author

      I thought “interesting” was a strong word for that group of characters when I read it, but the story totally stuck with me so it was at least memorable.

      1. Laura

        you always make me laugh. Yeah, you have a point. it’s a fatal error to ever name your secret club of culture snobs.

  3. Suzanne

    I’m reading whatever quick snipits I come across on Facebook and email messages. I wish I had the time to pick up a book! I used to be an avid reader, and now I’m a vicarious one. So do not feel guilty for broadening your mind with literature of any sort, even the most inane books contain something important to someone – even if it’s just a five minute reprieve from the reality of the daily grind. So read on… but don’t forget to throw some food to the boys every once in a while 😉

  4. Jennifer

    Just finished Girl On The Train and am now waiting for Jennifer Weiner’s new one. I think it’s released tomorrow? I know, I’m all over the place, just like in life!

    1. metamegan Post author

      Hmmm, I just realized that I was on the library wait list for that book for months, and when I checked just now to see how far I made it up the wait list, I don’t even have it on hold anymore. Ugh! It must have come and gone while we were on vacation. Alas. I also love Jennifer Weiner.

  5. Molly

    Love the idea-although you read more exotic books. Just finished the Round House by Louise Erdrich. Just grabbed it off the shelf. Set in 1988 on North Dakota reservation . Very powerful writing. Plus I learned a lot about Life on reservations. Prolific writer has won Anisfield -wolf and National book awards and was finalist for Pulitzer. I will read more of her!

    1. metamegan Post author

      I haven’t read that one one but I am going to put it on the list. You would like this one: The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse

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