1.) Jack was working on an apology note to a friend after dinner today, (hey he wants to practice his writing, I don’t ask for details) and he needed a new piece of paper from my secret paper stash.  Because I was comfortably ensconced on the couch with my Instyle magazine,  I told him where my secret paper stash is: on my desk.  So off he trotted into my office to get a piece of paper for himself.  There was a load clatter and a yell.  I went in to check on him and he was sprawled across the floor on his back.  He said, “Why did you trust me to get a piece of paper by myself?”

2.) Earlier in the evening there was a loud clatter, but I was furiously making pancakes for dinner, so I barely heard it.  Then Jack said to me, “I guess I know what almost 5 year olds do when they knock the syrup off the counter.  They pick it up, before their mommy’s notice the problem so they don’t get in trouble.”

3.) Jack has an imaginary friend, that is a werewolf.  He is about half as tall as Jack and his name is Dingo.





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