Indulge, and then get the heck out.

A couple weeks ago, some preschool moms started planning a mom’s night out.  I thought, FUN! I like to meet new people, but you know what else I like? Hanging out with people I already know.  So I sent out an email to some friends, and one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had back to back girl’s nights out this weekend.  I also had some sort of virus, and vertigo, and now I have a hangover, but those are  a subject for another day.

GNO (girl’s night out) number 2 was at Indulge in Golden. We ordered a couple bottles of wine, and some appetizers to share, blah, blah, blah, next thing we knew the check was there.  Well, it was only 8:00 pm, and you only get out with the ladies every once in a while so why not order another glass of wine?  As Krista said, “Money is no object now that I’m a teacher!”  Well, the waiter said, “Oh, actually, we have a reservation for this table in half an hour so… you old ladies should hit the road.  I added a 20% tip so, just settle up and go home to your knitting.”***

Stunned silence.

So, if you want to Indulge, and you tire easily, you should go to Indulge, and be home early.

*** The actual sentence ended with the ellipse, and the rest was implied (except for the tip).  We did get another glass of wine, and kind of talked it over with the waiter, and ourselves.  Turns out that the waiter was just doing what the manager told him to do.  The vote at the table was 1 siding with the waiter, 5 against.


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