Pink Pancakes


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This morning, I was walking Lucy, and I was fondly remembering the days when my mom would make holiday themed/colored pancakes, so  I immediately rushed home to whip up a batch of pink pancakes.  (I actually used beet juice to color the pancakes to avoid the artificial coloring.  Just kidding, I used food coloring.)

Note to self:  Food-coloring-pancakes look much better with white flour.  The whole wheat flour just made this turn out really weird.  I started off making smiley faced pancakes, and while those were cooking, I got out the cookie cutters because I was making Luke’s lunch and I wanted to cut his sandwich into the shape of a heart.  (I know, I am the best.)   And then I found the heart shaped pancake cutters!  I forgot about those!  So in the mean time, I slightly over cooked the smiley face pancakes.  I gave the kids the first batch off the stove and they were deemed, “sunburned on one side and really tan on the other side.)  There was a lot of laughing.  Then I moved on to heart shaped pancakes which turned out slightly better.   They were delicious!  My goal in every motherly thing I do is to create a memory that my children will look back on fondly, and the sunburned faces might do the trick.

The recipe is from this book, which I love.

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