The Most Interesting Toy In the World!

My baby turned four and I was so sad.  Then I got rid of a ton of toddler toys, and I bundled up a mound of clothes and I was happy again.  Something interesting about the process of giving away toys is that anything that gets anywhere near the giveaway pile is suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.  I start off by getting rid of complete sets of things because I hate the straggler pieces.  Then I collect the stragglers and miscellaneous toys and get rid of them. This is why Jack was playing with two different baby phones today, and when Luke grabbed a slinky and pretended it was also a phone, Jack screamed, “NO!  That is exclusively for scuba diving!!!”  Actually, I don’t know why that last part happened.

Jack is experiencing birthday withdrawal, which is compounded by the fact that I bought niece and nephew presents and had them gift wrapped and they are just floating around the car, taunting poor four year old Jack.  I said, “Hey, why don’t I make a pile of toys to give away and suddenly, they will be the most interesting things in the world.”  To this, Jack said, “Will you make me a pile of toys to give away so they will be interesting?”