Beet It

Dave had the beet burger at the Kitchen Next Door this summer and said it was fantastic.  I am new to beets, and I don’t like hamburgers, so it wasn’t something I would think to order, but I did when my mom was in town this fall, mostly to freak her out.  Fantastic.  The beets are earthy, the goat cheese is strong, the arugula is perfect.  I am new to beets in the last 3 years, and the way I started to like them was roasted on a salad with goat cheese and pine nuts.  The beet burger is like that perfect salad, but you can eat it with your hands, it’s filling, satisfying, delicious.

When I say “I don’t like hamburgers”, I mean, well, let’s leave it at YUCK.  However, I do like the idea of hamburgers.  It would be nice to have a go to meal to order and 90% of all restaurants instead of always having to hem and haw and decide things.

So, imagine my excitement on Thursday when I saw a beet burger on the specials menu at the Southern Sun.  Beet! Burger!  Ok, I wasn’t that excited but I was intrigued.  Were they copying the Kitchen Next Door?  Was it an homage?  I asked the waiter if the beet burger was as good as the one at the Kitchen Next Door and he said I would have to tell him.  The beets didn’t have as strong of a flavor, but the sauce was really yummy.  Garlicky.  There appeared to be some pumpkin seeds in the beet burger, which I thought was interesting and added texture and flavor.  A decent amount of arugula.  The only thing I didn’t like was that when I took a bite, a bunch of chunks fell out in every direction.   But then I ate those pieces with a fork and cleaned my plate.  It was very good, a perfect size, delicious, filling.

I’m not sure which one was better, but I am excited to have the option of ordering beet burgers all over town.




3 thoughts on “Beet It

  1. laura

    I can’t believe I have known you for a decade and didn’t figure out you don’t like burgers. Coconut, I know.
    do your kids a favor and introduce them to a jar of Harvard Beets. : )
    I admit I never had an unpickled beet till moving out here.

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