As Interesting as Oatmeal

Have you all noticed that I am doing NaBloPoMo again, for the 4th year in a row?  After posting every day in July, and being told that quantity does not equal quality, I have been trying harder to be interesting and funny this month.  SO interesting, that I already had to delete an entire post due to the fact that it was about oatmeal, and was very boring.  You know the phrase, “You had me at hello?”  Well, I had the opposite feeling about my post.  It was like, “You lost me at: is making steel cut oats with all milk instead of water too decadent?”***  Oatmeal and decadent do not belong in the same sentence.

Then, I forgot I had deleted the post, and when Dave was making his oatmeal today without measuring anything I was like, “Yup – that’s what I was talking about.  Playing fast and loose you with your oatmeal.”   Dave just looked at me.  I sobbed and said, “No one reads my blog anymore.   Not even you.  Boo hoo hoo hoo.”

Then I remembered that I deleted that post and I said, “Never mind.  It’s just weird to me that you don’t measure anything.  Isn’t it always too dry or too watery?”  (and by “watery” I mean “milky”.) Dave said, “No, Goldilocks, it isn’t.”

See what I did there?  I turned a boring post about oatmeal into something mildly interesting.

The end.

*** But can you make steel cut oats with all milk?  I think I don’t like steel cut oats as much because I make my rolled oats with milk.  Steel cut oats recipes are all mostly water with some cream or buttermilk and they taste watery.  GAH. I can’t stop myself from talking about oats.  And trolling for comments.


4 thoughts on “As Interesting as Oatmeal

  1. laura

    i LOVE to talk about oats and I always use milk when I make steel cut oats or regular rolled oats. when I make regular oats, I sometimes use powered milk and mix it in with the dried oats first, then add water. esp if we are running low on milk. But WHAT ON EARTH is decadent about oats! are you blogging from a monastery now or what?

  2. MB

    I’ll bite: when have you ever let something as trivial as a RECIPE stop you from breaking all the rules. Make your s-c oats with milk. (I do all the time and the recipe police have yet to show up on mydoily step!)

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