Apple Store, Part 2

One part of our disappointing trip to the Apple Store that was more “funny” than disappointing, was Jack’s comment in the children’s area.

By “funny”, I mean that I laughed when I should have been horrified.  Can you get more Typical Boulder than riding your bike to the Apple Store on a rainy Saturday?  Of course we went to Whole Foods on our way home, for free-range tofu.  (Not really, we get our tofu at the grocery store that is closer to our house.) Oh wait, the typical Boulderite would probably actually drive their SUV to the Apple Store.  Oh wait, we did drive that day.  But it was in our fuel efficient car!  Now I’m confused, are we typical Boulderites or not?

Regardless, why was my almost 4 year old playing educational video games at the Apple Store when he could have been doing experiential learning on a hike with hand made wooden toys, from locally-crafted, beetle-kill trees?  And why for the love of God, did he have to loudly say, “I DON”T WANT TO PLAY THIS DORA GAME.  DON’T THEY HAVE ANY VIDEO GAMES THAT GO LIKE THIS?”  And then he made gun sounds and mimicked the action of shooting a room full of people with an AK-47.

And then I laughed.


2 thoughts on “Apple Store, Part 2

  1. Jack

    To determine your true Boulderite status, a self-examination is necessary. Question 1 – Are you wearing, or is most of your wardrobe, fleece. Answer: Yes – then you are a Boulderite. Question 2 – Have you hugged a tree lately? Answer: Yes. YOu are a hopeless Boulderite.

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