And So Summer Ends










When I was little, I think maybe ages 4, 5, and 9,* our family went to Oglebay and stayed in a cottage, and went to the Good Zoo, and the playground, and the pool, and had talent shows, and played red rover.   We made the occasional side trip to Prabupada’s Palace of Gold when people were having trouble getting along and needed to be separated.  My oldest cousin napped in a hammock with my youngest cousin.  I was told if I woke up my youngest cousin (soon to be 30 now) from her nap, I’d have to change her diapers until she was in college.  We recorded (on a tape recorder) one cousin speaking complete nonsense, and when we played it for his mom, she said, He said, “I have to find my mom before she eats my cinnamon bun.”  Shreaks of laughter because she was already eating it.

I can barely separate what I really remember from what I have seen in family movies.  But I think of Oglebay whenever I go down a slide with rollers.  It’s not the same without my dad there, sporting a rugby shirt and a mustache, but it does make me remember those times (or those videos) fondly.

We did a lot of playing in the grass, and one thing I remember doing for what seemed like hours, was rocking in a directors chair until it tipped over and I fell out.  Repeatedly.  This picture of Luke and Jack reminded me of an Oglebay summer.   Some day those two will fondly remember their trip to the Black Hills.


* Please correct the age in the comments.  I know I am right about being there when I was 9.  The other two were guesses based on Beth being in diapers one year.

** Why yes, I did get some adorable pink tennis shoes, thanks for noticing.


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