Hot Nose!

We went to South Dakota for a long labor day weekend, and I was ecstatic to learn we’d be passing through Wheatland, Wyoming on the way there.  Years ago, possibly 10 years, I had an Italian cream soda at Terra Grano in Wheatland, Wyoming and it was fantastic.  (Terra Grano is Land Wheat in Italian.  Possibly.)  What better way to kick off a totally Americana trip to see giant heads in a rock, then by planning to have lunch where I once had a delicious drink a decade ago?

Dave was skeptical, and I have to admit, the cream soda didn’t change my life, like it did the first time.  But we did have an laugh so hard you cry experience that made it more than worthwhile.

We ordered cream sodas all around, and two pizzas.  Oh, and we got there after 1:00 pm, so we were all preeeeeetty hungry by the time the food arrived.  Luke took a bite of his pizza, the cheese sort of flipped up onto his nose, he started fanning his face and yelling, “HOT NOSE!! HOT NOSE!!”  Being the loving, nurturing, caring mother that I am, I started laughing.   Then, Luke followed up with a giant belch before he got up to get some more napkins.   Jack was laughing too, and he let out a world weary sigh and an, “Ooooh.  This is tooooo funny for me.”  The sort of thing your Great Aunt would say as she tittered and dabbed at her eye with a hankie.  That made me laugh a little harder, when Luke got back with the napkins, I had already almost shed a tear.  At that moment, Luke chose to say, “Excuse me” for the belch that happened so long ago, I had almost forgotten about it.  Then it was all over.  It was a laugh like the Big-Lebowski-quoting-coffee-spitting-great-partly-saying-wedding of 1998.  The one where I had to put my head under the table so I could focus long enough to chew and swallow my food in order to fully laugh without the very real fear of choking.

We laughed, cried, pulled ourselves together, made eye contact with each other, and started again.  Many times.

Hot Nose!  The new family vacation memory.


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  1. Jack

    I have already bet your brother, but am willing to let you in on the bet as well. In my memory, the “great partly” wedding was 1999 not 1998. You can pay up anytime.

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