Breaking Dress Code

Dave and I went for a bike ride today, it was 93 degrees.  As you may know, Dave eschews the typical lycra ensemble, in favor of a look one might call “shuffleboard chic”.   I also like to wear my biking skirt, and a cute top, but as I have already mentioned, my biking skirt is too tight.  So I had to break the family dress code and just wear head-to-toe lycra today for our bike ride.   I felt like I was walking around in just underwear, but I have to say, I am sure it kept me cooler.  And for a sunny, 95 degree 12 mile bike ride, every bit helps.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Dress Code

  1. laura

    I’m picturing a Mister Magoo like day where drivers are getting into accidents and people are walking into street signs because they were staring at you going by…

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