Dave and I had an odd conversation today.

Dave: Did you feed Lucy?  Her bowl is empty.

Me: Yeah I fed her and I left the food outside.  That’s probably why she wanted to go out as soon as we got home.

Dave:  She was out with the food the whole time we were gone…

Me: I know, but she came in, got all excited when she saw us and then went straight back out, probably to eat her food.

Dave: Remember how Bean used to do that?

Me: No.  He never did that.

Dave: Yeah, we’d feed him and he’d wait till we got home to eat, just in case.  Like, “Oh they came back!  I don’t need to save this food anymore!”

Me:  Nope, that’s what Lucy does.  That is what I was just describing.

Dave: Really?

Me: Yes, Bean ate all his food within two minutes of being served.

Dave:  Oh yeah.

So if I had been blogging during all of Bean’s life, I could link to the time he ate an entire chicken, the time he ate a bag of chocolate chips, the many dog food buffets, the time he got really fat, and the cookie story.  OK, I can link to the cookie story, and in reading it, I was reminded of the time Bean and Killian stole 20 pieces of fried chicken off the stove, ate what they could and stashed the rest behind the refrigerator.  That must have been what Dave was thinking of.


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  1. Cindy Van Rooy

    It’s that old age getting in the way of remembering things correctly. I have that problem too.

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