>Dog Interpreter

>When I was little, I once told my parents that I knew what my grandparent’s dog was thinking. It wasn’t earth shattering, I just told them the dog wanted to go out. They asked how I knew that and I said, “He said, ruff ruff, I want to go out.”

They laughed and they laughed. And laughed. Still a funny story, 36 years later.

Yesterday I was wondering what I was thinking when I said that. Was I incredibly bored at my grandparents house and looking for something interesting to do? Could I actually read the dog’s mind? Was I very precocious and adorable? A big fat liar?

And why was I contemplating this? Oh, just a little something Jack said,

“Mommy. Lucy says she wants to watch the Empire Stripes* Back. Right Lucy? Yeah, she says she does.”

* Not a typo.


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