>Ralphie, I Can’t Get Up

>This is how I have been feeling lately:

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In place of layers and layers of clothes, it’s piles and piles of work. Then I was going to turn this debbie downer blog post around and end with a glorious sledding video, but I can’t get the size right on the video. Very Frustrating!! Argh!!!

OK – I should at least be able to come up with a funny Jack story. OK, so tonight I was reading to Luke while Dave was sitting in the bathroom for hours and hours with Jack helping him figure out how to use the leap pad while he (he=Jack, hope that’s obvious) tried to poop on the potty. Luke and I had finished an entire Magic Treehouse book before they even made it downstairs to brush teeth. Jack was refusing to submit to the toothbrush, and I heard the dreaded Count To Three. At three, Jack lost his bedtime story privileges. Jack’s response:

“No stories? Just cuddling?”