>Message in a Bottle

>Have you ever had a year and a half or so where things did not go quite right, and sometimes went terribly wrong, and even things were OK for you, your friends had a bunch of awful stuff happen? Then you start wondering if bad things come in threes or is it nines? Or looking for signs that mean that bad summer, year, 15 months are over and now everything will be perfect and wonderful all the time?

So yeah, (quick back story) lately I have really been wanting to have puppy play dates with our neighbor across the street. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot, suggesting, and planning puppy play date happy hours, and yet, it hasn’t been happening. Seems like putting two naughty puppies together in the backyard for an hour a day would be a quick way to tire them into not being so naughty. So you can imagine how it was sort of like a dream come true today when our neighbors came over with their puppy and the puppies starting running around like crazy. Something I have been wanting to happen for MONTHS finally happened today. AND when I said, hey, we’d come get your dog every day at lunch time or something and let them run around together, and they said, Oh, and we could let your dog out in the winter when you were skiing, I practically heard angels singing in the heavens that there is a God and s/he wants me to be happy. AND THEN, they said, oh by the way, here’s a case of beer we haven’t gotten around to drinking, please take it.

And I thought: This. Is. The. Sign.

And I started composing my blog post about how awesome my life is now. My wishes have been granted, with a side of beer. It’s the best, it could not be better. Puppy play dates and free beer. That’s all I have been needing.

And then the neighbors left, and I grabbed some beer to put in the fridge and I noticed, hey, what? Is that…? Old Milwaukee Light? Whenever the nieghbors have brought over extra beer that they haven’t been able to drink in the past, it’s been obscure/weird/interesting microbrews. I had assumed that was the case this time too. But no, not this time.

I’ve been waiting for the universe to tell me that the bad stuff is over with and everything is going to be perfect, but I’m not sure that’s the message in the bottle (of Old Milwaukee Light.) I think the message is, things are fine, have a beer and get over it. Bottoms up!


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  1. Laura M

    >When your smilin', when your smilin', the whole world smiles with you. But look out, those neighbors probably want something back. You watch your drink like a HAWK.

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