>I’ll Miss The Peaches… Oh, and you

>Dave and I drove across a part of the South together on our first vacation about 16 years ago. We stopped at a roadside stand and bought a peach that I can’t really describe. I mean, I could, but what I am going to do? Use a bunch of adjectives like sweet, juicy, sticky? Isn’t it enough to say that I remember a specific peach from the summer of 1994?

That we both remember it.

Speaking of things that are really sweet, you can thank me for not going off on a “peach as metaphor for young love” tangent here. Instead, I will say that I could write a book about that trip, or a screen play for a road trip movie starring Ellen Page as the young MetaMegan and James Franco as Dave. (I know… I let Dave cast his character.) So the fact that we both remember that peach, ok, you get the point.

And the point is, we stopped in Palisade on our way home from our vacation and bought a half bushel of peaches. I had spent the entire vacation reading The Blah with the Dragon Blah and Little Bee so the magazines that I had been hoarding to read on vacation were untouched. On the drive home, I ripped out all the peach related recipes and we found some winners.

The first order of business was Roasted Pork Chops and Peaches from Real Simple. Yum.
Next up, Grilled Cornmeal Flatbread with Peaches, Serrano Ham (I used prosciutto) and Spicy Greens. So good. So so good. I may even start using the flatbread recipe as my go to pizza crust. I’ll report back on that.

Then I also froze and “canned” some peaches, but that’s a story for another post. What I wanted to share was that Luke and Jack were supposed to go to the RV with Grandmom and Grandad in the middle of this peachy time, and they were acting reluctant, and I was encouraging Dave to just go with them and leave me all alone. Dave thought about it for a full minute before he sighed and said, “I can’t go. I’d miss the peaches.”


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  1. Family of Weebles

    >Do you do book reviews? I want to know what you think of the two books mentioned in the blog. I couldn't get past the first chapter of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was reading Little Bee earlier this year and got a good way through it then stopped reading it. The peach pizza looks yummy!

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