>I’m All Better

>Jack’s new thing is to throw a kicking, screaming, thrashing-about fit until he suddenly takes a deep breath and says, “I’m all better.” Sometimes we get, “I feel better now, Mommy.” I really admire his ability to switch gears and pull it together. What is particularly interesting though, is when I am carrying him under my arm to his room because he hit or kicked someone. Usually at this time he is remorseless and unconcerned. When I set him down on the floor he just looks at me and says, “I feel better.” as if that’s his free pass to get out of his room. It’s at times like these that I say ridiculous parenting jargony things like, “You aren’t in time out for how you FEEL you are in time out for what you DID. Do we hit people?” Then he says, “Yes.” And I say, “No we don’t. Is it OK to hit?” And he says, “Yes.” And so on.
Fortunately for everyone, Jack’s adorable, cute, sweet moments are outweighing the tantrumy ones.


2 thoughts on “>I’m All Better

  1. Aurora Sisneros

    >That picture at the top is my favorite. Adorable.I would be pulling the 'because I said so' card all the time since I am lazy and don't like to explain stuff. Way to be patient!! 🙂

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