>Parenting, Glamorously

>You may be wondering why I am getting parenting advice from Glamour magazine. I wasn’t actually so sure myself when I wrote that post yesterday. But as all MetaMegan readers know, I have a magazine addiction. Sadly, Blueprint, Domino, Wondertime, and Cookie have all gone out of business in the last year or so. And as each one went out of business while I still had a lifetime left on my subscription, they converted into Glamour subscriptions. So now I am subscribed to Glamour for 4 lifetimes.

Why am I not getting parenting advice from Parents? Because that subscription has lapsed. It was with a tinge of regret that I recycled 6 months of issues without ever making fun of a single one. But faithful reader, and good friend Laura made sure to rip out an article for me about the dangers of the cocktail playdate. I am just going to assume that was geared towards stay at home moms who start drinking at 10am and not for the “glass of wine at little league” types. I think the gist of the article was getting drunk while you watch your children is bad!!! Sorry to say that when I tried to refer to the article today, (aka read if for the first time) it appeared to have been stolen with my wallet a few months ago. Google was no help either – just a bunch of people who have already written about how stupid the article was or else how having one drink will cause your kids to stick their finger in an electric socket.

So, we are stuck with Glamour, where I can learn to embrace the chaos as well as um, whatever else in is that magazine.


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  1. Laura M

    >lucky you – my cookie subscription turned into 'lucky' which is sucky.I think the gist of the article is never get so drunk that you can't drive somebody who just fell out of a tree to the E.R.and you've already passed that test.

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