>File Under: What Was I Thinking?

>Possible answers: Maybe with a puppy, I didn’t feel like I had enough pee-soaked laundry to fill a whole load? What am I talking about? Oh, I bought some cute underwear for Jack, and after I changed the world’s nastiest diaper, I thought, “Hey! Why not put him in underwear?”

Jack was on a great streak with going to the potty a lot. I’m not sure what happened, but at some point between when we ran out of incentives (chocolate chips) and when we got a puppy, Jack lost interest. But there is nothing like dinner at a nice restaurant to get that boy to want to sit on a potty. And there is nothing like dog patterned, day’s of the week underwear to make me loose my sanity and put Jack into the St. Bernard/Wednesday pattern.

Spoiler alert: This doesn’t “end” well.

But it’s not as bad as it could have been. I had the asparagus in the microwave, and the salmon in the oven, and the boys were playing at the breakfast bar out of nipping puppy range, and Lucy was nipping, and Dave was walking through the room and he said, “What did you say Jack?”

Jack was saying, “I poopin’! I poopin! I poopin!” Fortunately, it was just pee, and now I have laundry to do, and you can thank me for not making a pun involving “load”.


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