>Star Wars with Thesaurus Boy

>Jack has spent the last two days asking me to open the puppy gate, going downstairs, getting one Star Wars action figure out of Luke’s room, coming back upstairs, asking me to open the gate, and running over to play with the action figure at the dining room table. I think the Star Wars figures have seen more action in 2 days than in the 2 years they have been under Luke’s care. And the whole process has been keeping Jack very busy.

Plus, it is so cute when he rests his hand on my knee and says, “Mom. I need go downstairs get Star Wars. Open gate pease?”

Also cute? When he calls Chewbacca by the similar sounding name of Baracka.

In other Jack news, he woke up a little on the crabby side from his nap again today and I offered him a cookie and milk. I said, “How about this cookie? It’s the biggest one.”

He had a few bites and said, “Dis cookie huge? Dis cookie huge!” (pronounced hooj)
A few more bites and, “Dis cookie giant.”

So now we are working on enormous, titanic, and jumbo.


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