>MetaMegan: Now With Puppies!

I just deleted my opening paragraph because it was all about how my life now revolves around potty training a puppy and a toddler. And I started out to make it sound really tragically hilarious. And then I realized two things:

1.) I am really lucky to have a 2 year old and a puppy. Could life be better than this?
2.) No one wants to hear that much about poop. Or maybe they do, but they should just go ahead and find another blog for that, please.

Yes, we spontaneously went out Saturday and got a puppy. It seems that way, to me at least. Because I only spent a year researching dog breeds, and I only refreshed the Humane Society web page 1,000,000 times. Then I said, “Please do not let me look at this site anymore today. PUPPIEEEEZZZZ!!!!” And Dave said, “Just put one on hold.” I did, and we picked up my darling girl the next day. Have you ever heard of anything so crazily spontaneous? It’s really not like me.

Unfortunately, I checked my spontaneity this afternoon at the pet store and did not buy Lucy this Valentine’s ensemble.

Prepare to hear more about Lucy as the days and months progress. Luke and Lucy and I start puppy training classes soon. That should be very interesting!

Here is Luke taking her for her first walk:

Details: Lucy was born 11/12/2009, so we’ll always have the issue of two birthday parties so close together. She is a cocker spaniel mix and she was given to a shelter in Kansas and then shipped to Boulder. Reason for surrender: Too many. Spay and neuter your pets, people!

She weighs 5 pounds right now, but since we don’t really know much about her background we don’t know how big she is going to get. I think – too big for the basket on my bicycle, so I will need a side car.


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  1. Anonymous

    >I would expect a cocker mix to be around 18 – 20 pounds. Grover is a similar mix with a bit of poodle and bichon thrown in. He's also a bit heftier than 18 pounds, but he'd like to welcome Lucy to the family.Have fun.

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