>Still easing into 2010 here. I know it’s probably sort of lame that I always wait until after my birthday to write thank you notes, so I just have to do it once a year. But how bad is it that I am going to have to include thanks from Jack’s birthday too? Pretty bad I guess.

Did I ever write about the time Luke had a complete meltdown because he didn’t write the letter “A” perfectly and it “looked like it’s pants were falling down”? I don’t know because the search function on this blog is not that great. I think it was at least 2 Valentine’s Days ago. We had a similar incident today because he spelled Science incorrectly during FTYNWT. (Family thank you note writing time.) He started to spell it phonetically, and then I wrote it out for him. (Meltdown number 1.) And I spelled it wrong. (sciene, if you must know.) So when I corrected him, we had meltdown number 2. I told him just to scratch it out, because I don’t like to end up with an uneven number of note cards and envelopes, so I wasn’t giving him another card. It’s one of the 1000 weird things about me. Of course, I later screwed up someone’s last name on an envelope so theoretically, it would have worked out OK. He didn’t want to scratch it out though, so it was straight to bath and bedtime.

I am just going to go on and on for a while about thank you notes and then all the blog readers who are expecting a thank you note will sort of remember this somewhat boring post and think they actually did get one.

Or, I could add another Jack anecdote…

Dave took care of making sure Luke got in the shower while I gave Jack a bath. Jack likes to randomly talk about things from the past that you think he would never remember. After the 100th mention of the same subject, it’s less amazing though.

This week, he has been talking a lot about the airplane ride he took the weekend before Christmas.

Me: Here’s a coupon for Einstein’s bagels.
Jack: I ate a bagel on the airplane.

Amazing, right?

In the tub today he put a washcloth across his lap and said, “Dis my airplane blanket. ‘Cept cleaner.” Then he took the loofah and said, “I buckle my seat belk.”

I’ll stop there. But Jack is very funny these days.


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  1. The DINKs

    >Did Luke ever get Ambrose's Thank You Note? I fear it got lost between the desk and the mailbox. The only reason I knew was b/c my mom called me on it…..hers never made it and that is the ONE person you don't want to forget to send a thank you note to…..

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